7 links to help you rock your business

Your website is probably the first place many of your customers find you. So you want it to be awesome, yes? I’ve rounded up some awesome links from around the web, all so you can make your website a pretty place where your customers love to hang out and buy from you. Man I’m nice.

Is your website copy a rocking party of excitement? Or is it about as fun to read as watching paint dry? Well here’s three ways you might be screwing up your website copy.

An image tells a 1,000 words etc. cliche, etc. So you’ll want to make sure you are using images properly on your blog.

If you sell your own products on your website then you’ll love these tips on writing non-boring, fun product descriptions.

Does the term SEO leave you screwing up your nose in confusion and running for the safety of Facebook? Never fear, it’s super easy to start using SEO to help your lovely customers find you.

Did you know your About Page is one of the most visited places on your website? So you want to make it sound pretty freakin’ amazing.

And once you’ve done that, have a think whether your site is cohesive across all the pages and products you offer. If it was a real shop, would it look confusing or totally put together?

Optimising my 404-Error page is WAAAYYY down the bottom of my To Do list. But when I get to it I’ll be using this post for inspiration.

Have you read/watched/heard/written anything awesome recently? Leave a link in the comments below.

P.S. How focusing on one customer helps you doing all the above stuff soooo much easier.