How This Creative Built a Successful Jewellery Brand From a Backpack

When you think of digital nomads you probably think of laptop-toting bloggers, designers and photographers. After all, when all you need to run your business is a computer and a WiFi connection, it’s pretty easy to pack up and go. What you don’t hear a lot about is product-based business owners packing their bags and taking their store on the road. Which is exactly why I wanted to write this article. See Astrid Berendsen (along with her husband) has spent the past two years travelling the world while running an online store. Astrid creates and sells colourful jewellery for her eponymous brand Love Astrid and has managed to do so while travelling across South East Asia and Europe. Me, jealous? Maybe a little…. I managed to pin her down and get her to [...]

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How I Use Trello To Work With Clients

If you know me at all, you’ll know how *ahem obsessed I can get with certain tools and apps. I don’t know how I unearth them half the time, but it feels like each week I’m experimenting with something new. Sometimes I’ll play with an app for a while before shuffling it off to the 4th screen on my iPhone (you know, the one you only accidentally flip to when you’re trying to access your camera). But sometimes I come across something so amazing that it changes the whole way I run my business. That, folks, is what happened with Trello. Trello is hands down the best tool when it comes to running a small business. Based on a system of boards, lists and cards, it’s like a visual pinboard for your day/week/life [...]

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What To Do When You’ve Lost Passion For Your Ecommerce Business

Feeling like you've lost passion for business? Does the business that used to get you bouncing out of bed in the morning now feel like a chore? Here are four ideas for you to try to reignite your passion for your biz and make more money. Remember when the ding of PayPal used to give you a buzz? And visiting the post office was soooo freaking exciting because every sale gave you confidence that people wanted your products. But now? Looking at your products waiting to be sold doesn’t make you excited – it just makes you anxious. And packaging up your orders is no longer fun – it’s just another chore you have to do every-damn-day. Look, it’s completely normal to not get excited about everything you do in your business. Frankly [...]

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