How I Use Trello To Work With Clients

If you know me at all, you’ll know how *ahem obsessed I can get with certain tools and apps. I don’t know how I unearth them half the time, but it feels like each week I’m experimenting with something new. Sometimes I’ll play with an app for a while before shuffling it off to the 4th screen on my iPhone (you know, the one you only accidentally flip to when you’re trying to access your camera). But sometimes I come across something so amazing that it changes the whole way I run my business. That, folks, is what happened with Trello. Trello is hands down the best tool when it comes to running a small business. Based on a system of boards, lists and cards, it’s like a visual pinboard for your day/week/life [...]

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7 Links to Help You Rock Your Product Photography

If you're selling online you know how essential great photos are. Dark, out-of-focus product shots are just not going to cut it anymore. Getting a pro to take your product photos is such a good idea, but what to do if you want champagne photos on a beer business budget? Well you check out these super-helpful links of course. If you've got a half-decent camera, but you're still taking photos on auto setting (*cough, raises hand*) then check out this lengthy post on product photography by Jeff Delacruz on the Shopify blog. Great stuff here on what settings to use on your camera to get the best shots, plus all the equipment you'll need (which isn't much!) There's a bunch of tutorials out there on how to build your own lightbox. But, as [...]

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A Quick Tip to Help You Capture Ideas on the Run

Sometimes we find a solution so obvious that we can't believe we haven't been doing it for years. That's totally how I feel about this little trick I've been using to capture all the amazing ideas that come to me when I'm not at my computer. Something about that little blinking cursor and blank white screen totally shuts down the creative side of my brain. But when I'm out walking around my neighbourhood. Well, I'm like a freakin' maestro (in my head, anyway). But how to capture those ideas in the moment? Typing them onto my phone is soooo slow, and relying on my brain to remember them is pretty useless. So I found this totally obvious-why-haven't-I-been-doing-this-already tool and it's totally changed the way I come up with new ideas for my biz [...]

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