Wanna see how this she-bang comes together?

We may look like a fun bunch (we are!) but we take our client projects pretty seriously.

Here’s how we work:

Step 1: Discovery
(aka peek behind the curtains)

We think it’s important to get to know each other right from the start so we can figure out if we’re a great fit. You’ll be taken to a quick little form so you can tell us more about your project, and then we’ll set up a 20-minute call so we can see if those good vibes are happening.

If we both feel we’re onto a good thing, we’ll send you a proposal with a deposit to secure your project and then get to work.

Step 2: Research
(aka pulling the show together)

We’ll spend time getting to know you, your business and your customers so we can create copy that resonates. We’ll take your existing information, like existing copy and customer feedback and combine that with our own in-depth research to get a clear idea of who you’re speaking to and what you need to say.

Step 3: Creating
(aka waving a magic wand)

Here’s where we get stuck into the good stuff – writing your most excellent copy. Probably while playing some good tunes and eating popcorn.

We’ll send you a draft to review and give feedback on, then we’ll iterate, tweak and get it polished.

Step 4: Launching
(aka The Big Reveal)

Ta-da! Your copy is ready to go live.

We’ll check in on the reg to see how things are going and send the occasional meme.

Let’s get the ball rolling, shall we?