5 New Year’s Resolutions to Make For Your Online Store (That You Won’t Want to Give Up on By February)

I love the beginning of a new year with the feelings of promise and possibility hanging in the air. And I love using this time to set resolutions to carry me and my business forward. While resolutions get a bad rap, there’s something so great about writing down the specific things you want to achieve, then figuring out the steps you need to take to get there. So as you’re filling your fridge with vegetables and pulling out your runners from the back of the wardrobe, take a moment to come up with some resolutions for your online store as well. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Resolution #1 – I Will Put in Place a Marketing Strategy Trying to market your online store without a strategy is like trying [...]

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How to Use Competitions to Promote Your Business

Competitions. You either love them or hate them. Chances are if you hate them you’ve either run competitions and had pretty poor results (cue tumbleweed) or you’ve avoided them like the plague because you think they’re pointless. While I love the idea of winning things, I'm no expert when it comes to actually making competitions work. So I had competitions expert Suki from OrigamiGlobe step in to give me (and you) the low down on how to run successful competitions for your brand. Make yourself a cuppa and take five minutes of your time to find out how competitions can actually be one of the most effective marketing tools in your toolkit. Nail your strategy To run successful competitions you need about 20% strategy and 80% promotion. I’ve seen incredible competitions advertised absolutely [...]

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How to Find Time For Marketing Your Brand

When you run a small business, there’s always more to do. Coming up with new products. Updating your website. Chatting with customers. Shipping out orders. Posting on Instagram. Not to mention there’s a must-be-on-it marketing platform popping up what feels like every five minutes. And while you’d love to have more customers coming to your website, you feel like you just don’t have time to actually go out there and market to them. Talk about a Catch-22. When I chat with peeps about this problem, the two complaints I hear the most are a) a lack of time management and b) not knowing where to start. Well I got you. In this post I’m tackling how you can find time to market your brand (no matter how much time you’ve got). Find time [...]

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How To Plan Your Entire Year’s Worth of Content in One Day

If ‘create more content’ is one your To Do list for 2016 but you’re kinda stuck on the how of it all then read on my friend. In this epic post I’m going to take you through my process to come up with a full year of content for your online store in just one day. Or two if you’re feeling particularly frisky. Oh and I’ve thrown in six free worksheets for you to plan out your content calendar. Just pop your details in the box below to get instant access. But why do this, you ask? Well I kinda think the benefits are pretty obvious, but let’s go through them. First up, you’ll never miss an important shopping date because you’ll already have every single one in your calendar. Just imagine being [...]

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How to Grow a Community of Raving Fans

Customers going out of their way to buy your product? Tick. Your next product launch sells out? Even when you cost more than your competitors? Tick. Customers sharing photos of your products across Instagram, Facebook and their blogs – for zilch? Double tick. It’s not some crazy voodoo magic. And it won't cost you a motza in advertising. Want to know how to create a brand tribe? Just click the video below. Can't see the video? Click here to watch on YouTube. Let's Break It Down What's the difference between a fan and a regular customer? Your fans love your business not just because of what you sell, but also because of what you're about and how they connect with that. There's three steps to create a brand tribe for your business: 1. [...]

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How to Prepare Your Website & Shop for Christmas

There are two people in this world: those who secretly start planning for Christmas in August, and those (like me) who panic and leave everything until December 21st. Now of course if you’re a Melbourne business selling just about any product, then I’ll bet Christmas is your super-busy time of year. For a lot of businesses, 20% of their annual sales happen in December. Getting super-prepped for the shopping-frenzy could see those numbers climb even higher. So I wanted to bring together some great ideas on how to prep your business for Christmas.   Online Prepare Your Website for Christmas Now’s not the time for a full rebrand or overhaul of your site. But it’s still important to make sure your website is up-to-date and showing your business in the best light. Make sure your [...]

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How Important is Having a Website for Brick-and-Mortar Stores?

The short answer is: very. Great, thanks for reading. Ok, I’m kidding. The long answer is that even for Melbourne-based businesses with a physical shop front in a busy area, having a great website is a crucial part of your marketing plan. Fact: Four out of five consumers search online for a local business.  That means a bunch of people are searching online right now for a local business just like yours. Don't believe me? How many times have you searched online for a local business because you wanted to buy something right away? I’m guessing plenty. Your website is basically the first thing that new customers come across that represents your business. Think of it like your second shop window. So what’s that (virtual) shop front look like? Is your website something that you [...]

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3 Ways to Attract Your Dream Customers

Finding your dream customers is awesome. They’re the people that you love selling to because they are interested in your process, they don’t try to haggle or nit-pick over details, and they tell everyone you know how awesome you and your products are. So I can hear you begging now, please for-the-love-of-Petra tell me where I can find these people. Well, friend, I hear you and I’ve put together some handy ideas. Highlight What Makes You Special Yeah, I know. This is really frou-frou advice. Of course you are special. But what this really means is you need to focus on your business, your talents and what it is that makes you unique. For example, there are plenty of other copywriters that I admire. In fact I research plenty of other writer’s websites [...]

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How Focusing on One Customer Can Save You Time + Help You Sell More

Can focusing on one customer really make it easier to create content + increase your sales? Well sure it can. In fact, you’ll probably become more inspired to blog and update your social media than ever.  Not sure how? Read on. How One Ideal Customer Makes Creating Content Easier Say you’re a small business owner selling vegan cupcakes at markets and fairs. You’ve been building your business for a while now and are starting to get some sales, but not as many as you want. You decide to overhaul your web copy and do a bit of an online content push to grow some sales and build up a bit of buzz. The problem? It’s so hard trying to come up with content that will appeal to all these customers that you are trying [...]

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