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Thought Leadership Content.

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Feel like you’re stuck on the content creation ferris wheel?

You started your online store because you wanted to offer something different.

  • A different product or category.
  • A different means of delivery.
  • A more considered buying process.

But that vision and purpose you felt at the start? It’s getting lost amongst a sea of competitors.

In a quest to beat the algorithm you’ve lost that creative spark. Content marketing has become a dreaded task – and posting content is always the last thing on your list.

Unfortunately, you have to create content if you want to be seen by your customers.

  • But you can’t outspend the brands with bottomless budgets.
  • And you can’t out create businesses with a dedicated marketing team.

What you need is content that sticks in people’s minds. Content that makes them pay attention in the moment and think about days later.

Pinnacle Content is a thought-sparking, idea-mining process to uncover your brand’s mission and deliver content that reflects the brand you set out to create.

Pinnacle Content positions your brand as a trusted source of information and provides reassurance and confidence to drive more sales. With it, you become the go-to source for your customers and community to be inspired through perspective-changing content.

Pinnacle Content is for you if you:

  • Know original content is key to standing out from your competitors.
  • Feel like your creative fountain is currently a dripping tap.
  • Want to build trust, customer loyalty and a profitable business.

Pinnacle Content is not for you if you:

  • Want content written just for SEO [although search is part of the process, we put humans before robots].

  • Believe content is just a checkbox to be ticked instead of something considered.

  • Think no one reads blogs any more anyway.

  • Aren’t willing to stand by your thoughts, opinions and ideas [changing your mind – and backing that shift – is totally ok].

Pinnacle Content is for ecommerce founders who are looking to step up and own their expertise within their industry.

Strategic content marketing for ambitious brands

pinnacle content diagram

My signature PINNACLE CONTENT framework delivers a content marketing strategy that helps you stand out and stand above your competitors.

It leverages your expertise to position you as a voice of authority, increasing customer trust and growing sales.

Together, we explore your experience, message and stories (along with a good dose of data) to develop a three month content plan that’s tailored to your brand’s customers, goals and experience.

What’s included in a Pinnacle Content strategy?

While the focus is on your owned published content (that is, on your ecommerce site), we take all your marketing platforms and broader campaign strategies into account. We also consider your brand positioning and awareness, existing traffic and conversion goals.

You get:


60-minute online workshop to explore your brand’s positioning, purpose and people and find your own thought-changing perspective.


A personalised, comprehensive guide to your brand’s thought leadership strategy. Including your content pillars, content goals and metrics.

3 month
Content Plan

An interactive, editable content strategy calendar that provides complete visibility and control.

How the Content Plan works

  • Outline for each piece of content by type and platform that tells you what to write, how to frame it and how each piece of content builds on each other
  • Week-by-week content plan along with guidance on how to schedule your content creation time to get the most out of it
  • A three month content schedule including outlines for 1x lengthy pillar content piece, 3x mid-length supporting content pieces, and 24x short posts.

Or you can upgrade to include:

Package #2 (see below) delivers your strategy along with three months of support and coaching as you write and publish your Pinnacle Content.

Choose this option to get 3x focused content coaching calls:

  • Expert Review call: A 60 minute call during month one to review your published content, see what’s working and assess the response from your audience.
  • Content Critique call: A 60 minute call during month two to review and live edit your cornerstone content piece so it has the biggest impact on your brand’s thought leadership positioning.
  • Final Review call: A 60 minute call in month three to assess the impact of your published content and help you craft your Pinnacle Content Strategy for the next quarter.

You know how valuable Pinnacle Content is for your brand, but just don’t have the time to dedicate to writing it yourself. So let me write if for you.

Over three months, I’ll deliver all your brand thought leadership content, including:

  • 1x 1,200+ word cornerstone content piece based around a core theme or brand message and designed to highlight your expertise or brand difference.
  • 3x mid-length 700 word content pieces that build on your quarterly theme and highlight different aspects of your business.
  • 24x short content pieces (copy only) to be shared on your social media and/or emails.

Your investment

Basecamp Package

You want to put your energy into creating valuable content.

  • Discovery: 60 minute online workshop
  • Pinnacle Content brand strategy
  • 3 month detailed content plan with 3 topic areas and 3-4 topics under each

GST inclusive

Scale Package

You want expertly written content coupled with guidance to begin your thought leadership marketing.

  • Discovery: 60 minute online workshop
  • Pinnacle Content brand strategy
  • 3 month detailed content plan with 3 topic areas and 3-4 topics under each

Written for you content delivered in one month:

  • 3x blog posts, up to 1200 words per blog and keyword optimised

GST inclusive

Ascend Package

You want expertly written content to support your marketing activities.

  • Discovery: 60 minute online workshop
  • Pinnacle Content brand strategy with 3 topic areas and 3-4 topics under each

  • 3 month detailed content plan

Written for you content delivered over three months:

  • 1x pinnacle content article, up to 2,200 words and keyword optimised

  • 3x blog posts, up to 1200 words per blog and keyword optimised

  • 12x lengthy thought-leadership social posts (copy only)

GST inclusive

Ready to get started?


Yes, package #2 has a two-part payment plan and package #3 has a three-part payment plan. The first payment due when we lock in your project and the second payment due 1-month later.

If you want to request a different payment package, I’d be happy to help you out.

Package #3 (Write It For Me) includes a set amount of content written for you. This content will be drafted over a three-month period, with the timeline mapped out after I deliver your Pinnacle Content strategy.

Packages #1 and #2 don’t include content written for you. But you will receive outlines to help you structure and write your own content with confidence. If you later decide you want me to write your for you,

Enquiries welcome for new clients

This is a high touch process where you, me and your team (if you have one) explore every angle of your brand to develop your Pinnacle Content plan.