Ecommerce copywriting for brands with purpose


Sell someone your product and you’ve made $50.

Sell someone your story and you’ve made a fan for life.

Let’s face it. You can have an awesome website and killer photography. But if the words on your website are lacklustre then you’re going to get about as much sales action as an ice cream van in a snowstorm.

And with the average conversion rate of just 2.86% for online stores, there’s a whole lotta room for improvement.

Copywriting services

Whip-cracking website copy

Here’s the thing: people want to buy things. But if your web copy isn’t giving them the info they need, they’re going to go somewhere else.

The copy we write doesn’t just sound good (but it will). We carefully blend research and analysis with storytelling and personality to create copy that connects with your audience and drives results.

Plus we optimise it with well-researched keywords so it’s pleasing to the Google-gods.

Poppin’ product descriptions

Good product descriptions sell without being salesy. Using a perfect mix of information and emotion, we write copy that puts your products in the hands of the right customers.

Going beyond the screen

You know what’s better than getting a package in the mail? Getting a package that reminds you what an awesome decision you made when you bought that thing online last week.

We can take your brand off the screen with copy for boxes, inserts and even cute promotional doo-dads.

“Nell wrote the copy for my entire website and I absolutely love it, especially the product descriptions. The way she structures and manages her workflow is fantastic – easy to use and follow and extremely efficient. Nell finalised things with a wrap up email with loads of suggestions on how to further engage with my customers based on her research.

She has gone beyond what I expected from a copywriter and I have been more than happy recommending her to my friends.”


The next steps

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We lock your project down

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We power up your brand’s personality

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