Words that sell things. That’s what we do.

But not really.

Like, money is good and all. But copywriting is about so much more than that.

We believe in helping brands create connections that go beyond the checkout.

Like writing copy that inspires people to chase their goals [MiGoals] or creating a sassy fictional character that has customers saying “lol why do I feel like you know me?” [Damn, Gina].

And yes, we also write copy to increase conversions [cha-ching]. But it’s funny, entertaining and educational at the same time.

Sounds like the kind of copy you’re after?

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nell casey fete creative

Nell Casey

Copywriter and cat wrangler [salsa dancer / amateur cake decorator]

Hi I’m Nell. The founder and copywriter at Fete Creative. I started this business after realising creative copywriting was way more fun than corporate ladder climbing (I’m more of a rope swing gal anyway).

While I’m often accused of being ‘too bossy’ I like to call it ‘natural problem solver with a strong communication style’.

And, TBH, copywriting is a natural fit. For one, I love the combo of strategy and creativity that comes with writing for online brands. And I truly enjoy online shopping from the comfort of the couch (chocolate at arms reach).

We strive to be

Led by curiosity

We’re inquisitive, curious, deep-into-the-internet-rabbit-hole divers.

Give more than you get

Call it generosity. Call it oversharing. We just can’t help helping out.

Find the funny

If we can’t make you laugh, at least we can make you eye-roll at a terrible pun.

Seriously good copy

We believe it’s a privilege to work on your brand (no matter how big or small the project).

Let’s be a team

We have a network of amazing thinkers and doers who help our clients launch, grow and look amazing online including branding strategists, designers, developers and photographers.