Instagram Stories: What It Is And How To Make It Work For Your Brand

By now you’ve probably seen that Instagram has released a new feature called “Instagram stories”. Basically designed to directly rip off Snapchat (the Instagram CEO has admitted as much) stories let you post short videos and images to Instagram, where they live for only 24 hours. A bunch of brands have already dipped their toes into the proverbial water and have been creating their own stories. But lots of you are asking the question: does this matter for my brand? And how the heck do I make it work? First up, let me say that I think this update is going to be great for brands that are already focusing on Instagram. After all, Instagram has 300 million daily users, versus Snapchat’s 100 million daily users. And your stories instantly get seen by your current [...]

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How to Come Up With an Instagram Strategy That Works For Your Biz

I thought about titling this post “when bad Instagram feeds happen to good businesses” but I didn’t think that’d make for such a positive post. See, I spend a bunch of time scrolling through Instagram (admittedly, way more time than I probably should) and I often come across what seem like great brands with cool products. But their Instagram feeds don’t convey that awesomeness. And that makes me sad. Instagram can be a really great way for small businesses to connect with their people. But if your feed is a mish-mash of photos and styles, then visitors to your page won’t even get a chance to figure out what you do. While a lot of posts talk about the importance of good images on Instagram (which is super important BTW), today I want [...]

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How to Grow a Community of Raving Fans

Customers going out of their way to buy your product? Tick. Your next product launch sells out? Even when you cost more than your competitors? Tick. Customers sharing photos of your products across Instagram, Facebook and their blogs – for zilch? Double tick. It’s not some crazy voodoo magic. And it won't cost you a motza in advertising. Want to know how to create a brand tribe? Just click the video below. Can't see the video? Click here to watch on YouTube. Let's Break It Down What's the difference between a fan and a regular customer? Your fans love your business not just because of what you sell, but also because of what you're about and how they connect with that. There's three steps to create a brand tribe for your business: 1. [...]

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Confused About Social Media For Your Melbourne Business? Start Here

If you run a small business these days you know you need to be using social media. I’m guessing you’ve already got yourself a Facebook page and, if you’re a creative type, maybe have latched onto Instagram as well. But I’m betting that you’re still unsure how to effectively use social media for your Melbourne business. I get that. I mean, when you look at the numbers, social media is just soooo big. Did you know there are now over 1 billion people using Facebook? That’s just crazy. And the other networks aren’t far behind. As at June 2014, there were 225 million active monthly users on Twitter, and 300 million active users on LinkedIn. And with just about every business out there( seemingly) using social media to try and find customers, it can start [...]

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3 Ways to Attract Your Dream Customers

Finding your dream customers is awesome. They’re the people that you love selling to because they are interested in your process, they don’t try to haggle or nit-pick over details, and they tell everyone you know how awesome you and your products are. So I can hear you begging now, please for-the-love-of-Petra tell me where I can find these people. Well, friend, I hear you and I’ve put together some handy ideas. Highlight What Makes You Special Yeah, I know. This is really frou-frou advice. Of course you are special. But what this really means is you need to focus on your business, your talents and what it is that makes you unique. For example, there are plenty of other copywriters that I admire. In fact I research plenty of other writer’s websites [...]

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