4 Things To Do Now To Prep Your Online Store For Christmas

Every year it happens. January starts and it feels like I’ve got ages to get the year’s checklist tick off. April comes around and I’m feeling like I’ve got shit under control. Then BAM! I wake up and it’s September. I’m staring down the barrel of October and Christmas is basically around the corner. You too? That’s why I wanted to get this post out for you today. It’s essential that you start looking ahead to the Christmas season and getting your online store prepped. Not only because if you start now you’ll have way more time to do it and will feel less stressed come November. But also because some of your customers are planning for Christmas now. Yes, those super-organised people who already have their Christmas card list complete with addresses [...]

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Why Your Ecommerce Store Needs a Blog

Blogging is great for SEO. Blogging helps you find new customers. Blogging is the best thing, EVAH! Okay, so by now I’m sure you’ve seen the books, read the articles and heard just about every content marketer with a Twitter account bang on about blogging. While there are a lot of posts that talk about how blogging can help service-based businesses – through being seen as an expert and generating goodwill for your services - there is far less information on how blogging for ecommerce stores can help. I mean, when the aim of the business is to sell your products, why bother trying to build up a blog? Well my friend, there are quite a few ways that blogging can help your ecommerce business grow. And because so few businesses are making the most [...]

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What To Do When You’ve Lost Passion For Your Ecommerce Business

Feeling like you've lost passion for business? Does the business that used to get you bouncing out of bed in the morning now feel like a chore? Here are four ideas for you to try to reignite your passion for your biz and make more money. Remember when the ding of PayPal used to give you a buzz? And visiting the post office was soooo freaking exciting because every sale gave you confidence that people wanted your products. But now? Looking at your products waiting to be sold doesn’t make you excited – it just makes you anxious. And packaging up your orders is no longer fun – it’s just another chore you have to do every-damn-day. Look, it’s completely normal to not get excited about everything you do in your business. Frankly [...]

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How to Grow a Community of Raving Fans

Customers going out of their way to buy your product? Tick. Your next product launch sells out? Even when you cost more than your competitors? Tick. Customers sharing photos of your products across Instagram, Facebook and their blogs – for zilch? Double tick. It’s not some crazy voodoo magic. And it won't cost you a motza in advertising. Want to know how to create a brand tribe? Just click the video below. Can't see the video? Click here to watch on YouTube. Let's Break It Down What's the difference between a fan and a regular customer? Your fans love your business not just because of what you sell, but also because of what you're about and how they connect with that. There's three steps to create a brand tribe for your business: 1. [...]

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What I’ve Learned From Six Months in Business

Today marks six months since I officially flung open the doors on my business and started working full time as a small business copywriter. And what a ride it’s been! I’d love to say that it’s all been great, but the reality is that some things haven’t turned out like I thought they would. But, I have figured out a lot of important stuff about my biz and myself in that time, and had some amazing wins (sometimes unexpectedly). This week, I wanted to share with you what I've learned so far in my business. Enjoy! (Nearly) Everything You Do is An Experiment I spent a lot of time in the early stages of my business obsessing over the right way to do things. Like, should I call prospects or email them? Should I list my [...]

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Small Business Planning for an Awesome 2015

Even before I started my business, I always used the December-January period to assess the year just gone and make plans for the future. Now that I run my own business, I think it’s even more important to take some time out from working IN your biz to think about the big, crazy and exciting goals that you have swirling around in your head. Now maybe you’re not a planner. Or you don’t think small business planning is important. I know plenty of people who run businesses and don’t do a lot of forward planning. But personally, I think taking a step back to review where you are headed can help give you the clarity and drive to propel you forward. So, I wanted to show you what my business planning process looks like, [...]

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3 Must-Read Blogging Tips for Small Business Owners in Melbourne

You’ve heard the phrase ‘content is king’ and are convinced that a blog is going to help attract more clients for your Melbourne business. You’re committed to posting often (yay!) and already have a bunch of topics in mind. But hold up there a darn second. Blogging is more than just letting your thoughts loose on the web. To make this really worth your time it’s important to be smart about it. So before you put fingers to keyboard, follow these blogging tips for small business owners so that you write posts that actually benefit your business. Oh hey, this is the second post in the series on blogging for your small business. You can have a read of the first part here. Subscribe to my email list to never miss a post, plus get weekly updates and super-special content just [...]

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