1 Dress, 5 Ways: Why Good Product Descriptions Are Essential For Your Online Store

Product descriptions are so often overlooked when it comes to marketing your product. These choice bits of copy are frequently shoved down the bottom of the to-do list, as an afterthought to the more sexy parts of branding like photography and #influencers. But product descriptions should be a key consideration when it comes to developing your online store. Not only do they convey your brand voice and personality, product descriptions can also indicate the level of service customers can expect from your business. Basically, it’s like walking into a store and either being greeted by a helpful sales assistant (an excellent product description) or being left to wander around with no one to even clarify if that dress you like is really a long top. To help you more clearly understand the information [...]

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How to Write a Truly Awesome About Page

If you were asked to give a speech about your best friend, we bet you could go on about them for hours. After all, developing that kind of close connection takes a lot of communication and sharing. What does this have to do with your online store, you ask? Well, a lot. In a world where countless brands are competing for the same business, connecting with your customers is essential for success. And, to connect with them, you need to share your story, just like you would with your best friend. An about page is a fantastic tool for sharing your brand’s story with the world and developing connections with customers. When used in the right way, an about page can go beyond basic business history and truly capture the essence and personality [...]

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Redesigning Your Website? What You Need to Know About Your Copy

You’re planning to update your website design to better reflect where your business is at now. A website redesign can be time-consuming and expensive, so it’s super-important to get it right. But what about your website copy? Can you get away with just using the same copy for the new site? Hmmm, probably not. Or how about just worrying about it once the design is set? Yeah, no. It’s no good spending all that time (and money) on a fresh new website, and then just slapping up any old copy. While great design is important, ultimately it’s what you say that will get your customers to buy from you (and keep on coming back). But what do you focus on first? The great new design or the copy? Let’s consider these two options. [...]

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How to Get Your Website Ready for Christmas

Every year it comes around, and every year I promise myself I’m going to get my sh*t together to avoid the last minute present panic. And every year I end up wrapping presents at 11pm on December 24th. Sadly many ecommerce brands do the equivalent of my last minute wrapping tornado – waiting til November (or even December) to get their website Christmas-ready and then trying to scramble to get everything done, leaving no time for mince pie eating and champagne quaffing. Now that's hardly getting into the Christmas spirit. If you get your prep done now, you can sail into the silly season with the PayPal notification button happily dinging like Christmas bells. (Plus, these suggestions will also help you get more sales year round. So there’s that.) Let’s dive in! 1. [...]

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How to Unearth Your Brand’s Story

The ability to tell a story is an essential skill for ecommerce brands. Gone are the days when you just had to sell a half-decent product at an acceptable price. Now, with so many new (and similar) brands starting up, you’ve got to stand out and connect with your customers in a way that goes beyond the things you sell. What is brand storytelling? Let’s first look at what it’s not. It’s not purely your history (although that is part of it) It’s not confined to your About Page It’s not just about you and your products It’s not contrived or shared in isolation from everything else you do Your brand’s story is about your customers and what they get from using your products. When someone buys from you, they are also buying [...]

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Who Gives a Crap About Website Copywriting

The other day I bought toilet paper. Now this isn’t usually something to write home about (let alone write a public blog post about). But I was so impressed with the website copy of this brand that I wanted to share it with you. How much of your time do you currently spend thinking about toilet paper? I’m guessing it’s probably only around six times a day (depending on your water intake). When I normally shop for toilet paper, I’m thinking about price, the environmental factor and whether to get the usual 6-pack or bother lugging home a 12-pack (I know, my shopping trips are a thrilling look into a suburban dystopia). What I’m not thinking about is whether my toilet paper brand of choice gets me excited to be making this purchase. [...]

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Starting An Online Store? Here’s The First Thing You Should Do

Your online store is more than just a website – it's your shopfront, customer service and community all rolled into one. With so much going on, it's essential you get on top of the content you need and the flow between pages, otherwise your online store could be as helpful as a road map from the '90s. To make sure you've got everything you need on your online store, you first want to start with the big picture by planning your online store's layout. The purpose of this online store layout is to help you plan: What pages you need How visitors will go from your home page to checking out And where you'll include your shipping terms and other info This is the first thing I do when working on copy for [...]

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What I’ve Learned From Six Months in Business

Today marks six months since I officially flung open the doors on my business and started working full time as a small business copywriter. And what a ride it’s been! I’d love to say that it’s all been great, but the reality is that some things haven’t turned out like I thought they would. But, I have figured out a lot of important stuff about my biz and myself in that time, and had some amazing wins (sometimes unexpectedly). This week, I wanted to share with you what I've learned so far in my business. Enjoy! (Nearly) Everything You Do is An Experiment I spent a lot of time in the early stages of my business obsessing over the right way to do things. Like, should I call prospects or email them? Should I list my [...]

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How Important is Having a Website for Brick-and-Mortar Stores?

The short answer is: very. Great, thanks for reading. Ok, I’m kidding. The long answer is that even for Melbourne-based businesses with a physical shop front in a busy area, having a great website is a crucial part of your marketing plan. Fact: Four out of five consumers search online for a local business.  That means a bunch of people are searching online right now for a local business just like yours. Don't believe me? How many times have you searched online for a local business because you wanted to buy something right away? I’m guessing plenty. Your website is basically the first thing that new customers come across that represents your business. Think of it like your second shop window. So what’s that (virtual) shop front look like? Is your website something that you [...]

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That Time I Drove 80 Minutes for Chocolate (And What It Means for Your Local Business)

Last year I decided to quit sugar. Once I got over the initial withdrawals, it was a largely positive experience. I happily swapped muffins and cakes for almonds and kale chips and for the most part I found I didn’t really miss many sugary foods I’d previously loved. Except for chocolate. I know, I know. It’s such a cliché. But I love chocolate. Like you know when you go to those Melbourne ice cream places and get all excited over the exotic flavours (like sesame seed, or papaya). Yeah, well not me. I always go for the chocolate flavours. Always. Same with eating out at a restaurant. Seriously, it’s a running joke in my family, “Oh I wonder what dessert Nell will choose. Maybe the lemon soufflé? No, she’ll go for the strawberry crepes. [...]

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