If you were asked to give a speech about your best friend, we bet you could go on about them for hours. After all, developing that kind of close connection takes a lot of communication and sharing.

What does this have to do with your online store, you ask? Well, a lot.

In a world where countless brands are competing for the same business, connecting with your customers is essential for success. And, to connect with them, you need to share your story, just like you would with your best friend.

An about page is a fantastic tool for sharing your brand’s story with the world and developing connections with customers. When used in the right way, an about page can go beyond basic business history and truly capture the essence and personality of your brand.

But so many brands fail in their quest to write an interesting, engaging about page. So we’re here with some helpful tips and advice to ensure your brand bio is as on-point as your products.

Why is an About Page Useful?

An about page can and should be so much more than just a space to dump facts about your business. In fact, when used correctly, your about page has the power to help build trust and loyalty with your customers to create a long-lasting relationship (aka finding the golden ticket).

As an about page can contain quite a bit of information, it provides both a challenge and an opportunity for businesses. While it can be difficult to write a substantial piece of text that is both informative and exciting, it’s also an excellent opportunity to tell the world your brand’s story.

Not only will sharing your story help customers to connect with your brand and, in turn, feel more comfortable and willing to buy your products, but it can also help you differentiate from your competitors. And, when you’re operating in a space where shoppers can find countless similar products at the click of a button, differentiation is essential.

What Makes a Good About Page?

Creating an awesome about page is no simple task. Firstly, you need to decide how much you want to say and how to say it. Ideally, you want your about page to be engaging and informative but not overwhelming. As such, you need to pick out the most important information about your brand and focus on that. Remember, your about page should convey your brand’s personality, not just its history.

Once you have identified the key aspects of your brand, you can start putting together your story using an appropriate tone of voice. Although the final word count should be whatever is suitable for your brand and target customers, try not to make it too long or too short. And if you have extra information you want to include, consider creating a subsection to ensure it’s easy to read.

Also, don’t forget to establish a distinction between founder and brand. While explaining the reason behind your business and who created it is ideal, it’s not the only important element. You want your customers to identify with your whole brand, not just its creator.

What Should Readers Get Out of Your About Page

When creating your about page, it’s also important to think about what you want readers to get out of your page.

Naturally, you’ll want them to gain a clear understanding of your brand and connect with it. But, what precisely does that look like? Does it mean delving deeper into your brand ethos or creating bios for your team members? The choice is yours.

How to Write an Awesome About Page

Also, having an idea of what you want readers’ next steps to be after reading your about page will allow you to form an appropriate call to action. Perhaps you want them to shop, in which case you should link to your products. Or maybe you want them to subscribe to your email, which would require a sign-up box.

What to Avoid When Creating an About Page

When writing an about page, there are a few things that you should avoid. One thing that makes us shudder is starting the about page with something like: “[Brand] was founded in 2015,”.

Opening with your founding date can make your about page read like a history textbook –a quick way to bore readers. Instead, open with something interesting and unique that will make people want to continue reading.

Another mistake businesses often make when writing their about page is confusing their credentials with their brand. So, while it’s fantastic that your fashion label has a mountain of ethical and ecological accreditations, be mindful that they do not convey your personality.

About Page Examples

Now that you know what makes an about page awesome (or not so awesome), it’s time to see some examples.

Go-To Skincare

Not only is Go-To Skincare’s about page interesting and informative, but it’s also perfectly infused with the brand’s signature humour.

How to Write an Awesome About Page


Engaging, informative, easy-to-read and stylish; the MiGoals story gets an A+ from us.

How to Write an Awesome About Page


Although the layout of Damselfly’s about page may not be as chic as some others out there, its brand description is definitely impressive.

How to Write an Awesome About Page

Feel like your brand’s bio could do with a refresh? Just drop us a line. About pages are one of our favourite things to write, and we’d love to take a look at yours.