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Solid State Case Study

Solid State for Men is an Australian brand for men who like to smell good (or people that like men who smell good). Solid State makes distinctively fragrant solid cologne packaged in conveniently sized tins. Did I mention it smells good too? Brand identity and website copywriting Anthony from Solid State approached me to create a more defined identity for Solid State, revamp the website [...]

More Than A Stationery Brand: MiGOALS Case Study

What is MiGOALS? MiGOALS is a Melbourne-based lifestyle brand that designs diaries and notebooks for dream chasers and action takers. The brand started when founder Adam needed a diary to keep track of his goals, budget and daily appointments. From their first diary in 2010, tens of thousands of people have used MiGOALS products to dream, plan and get shit done. My involvement with MiGOALS [...]

How This Creative Built a Successful Jewellery Brand From a Backpack

When you think of nomadic entrepreneurs you probably think of laptop-toting bloggers, designers and photographers. After all, when all you need to run your business is a computer and a WiFi connection, it’s pretty easy to pack up and go. What you don’t hear a lot about is product-based business owners packing their bags and taking their store on the road. Which is exactly why [...]

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4 Things To Do Now To Prep Your Online Store For Christmas

Every year it happens. January starts and it feels like I’ve got ages to get the year’s checklist tick off. April comes around and I’m feeling like I’ve got shit under control. Then BAM! I wake up and it’s September. I’m staring down the barrel of October and Christmas is basically around the corner. You too? That’s why I wanted to get this post out [...]

Instagram Stories: What It Is And How To Make It Work For Your Brand

By now you’ve probably seen that Instagram has released a new feature called “Instagram stories”. Basically designed to directly rip off Snapchat (the Instagram CEO has admitted as much) stories let you post short videos and images to Instagram, where they live for only 24 hours. A bunch of brands have already dipped their toes into the proverbial water and have been creating their own [...]

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How to Find Time For Marketing Your Brand

When you run a small business, there’s always more to do. Coming up with new products. Updating your website. Chatting with customers. Shipping out orders. Posting on Instagram. Not to mention there’s a must-be-on-it marketing platform popping up what feels like every five minutes. And while you’d love to have more customers coming to your website, you feel like you just don’t have time to [...]

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How to Come Up With an Instagram Strategy That Works For Your Biz

I thought about titling this post “when bad Instagram feeds happen to good businesses” but I didn’t think that’d make for such a positive post. See, I spend a bunch of time scrolling through Instagram (admittedly, way more time than I probably should) and I often come across what seem like great brands with cool products. But their Instagram feeds don’t convey that awesomeness. And [...]

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