What is MiGOALS?

MiGOALS is a Melbourne-based lifestyle brand that designs diaries and notebooks for dream chasers and action takers. The brand started when founder Adam needed a diary to keep track of his goals, budget and daily appointments. From their first diary in 2010, tens of thousands of people have used MiGOALS products to dream, plan and get shit done.

MiGOALS copywriting case study

My involvement with MiGOALS

I came across the MiGOALS brand in January 2014 when I picked up one of their diaries. Intrigued, I jumped onto their website to find out more about the brand and… was kind of disappointed. I expected to find more information about the brand and why they started, and maybe some helpful articles about goal setting. But there wasn’t much there.

So I did what any writer would do and hounded Adam and Alec until their hired me. (Okay so I sent two emails to set-up a meeting).

At first we weren’t sure whether Nell would totally understand what we were trying to achieve with our brand. But she’s shown that she totally gets our vision and has proven herself incredibly capable around creating the content we need.

Nell’s passionate about what we do and gets shit done. Hire her! – Adam Jelic, MiGOALS

What I did for MiGOALS

Initially, I wrote content for the MiGOALS blog and social media. But as their business grew, and I got a better understanding of what they were trying to achieve, my role changed. I’m now content strategist and editor for the brand, working with them on a weekly basis.

I’ve been with MiGOALS now through two major diary launches (2016 and 2017 ranges), provided copy and strategy for their new website (launched October 2016), and helped develop the 2017 product range.

MiGOALS diary- copywriting case study

Personally, I’m so thrilled to have played such a significant part of the MiGOALS journey. And everything I’ve learned from working with MiGOALS has shaped what I do with my other clients.

Some of the really exciting things I’m doing for them now include:

  • Advanced email automation and filtering – using a dedicated ecommerce platform (Klaviyo), we’ve grown the MiGOALS list by 37.5% over a quarter and are seeing better than average industry open rates.
  • Facebook ads – our Facebook Ads are now generating significant traffic and sales to the website, with very reasonable cost per acquisition.
  • Creating content related to each of the products to deepen the customer relationship with the brand.

Head here to check out MiGOALS.com and grab yourself a Get Shit Done (or three).

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