Finding your dream customers is awesome. They’re the people that you love selling to because they are interested in your process, they don’t try to haggle or nit-pick over details, and they tell everyone you know how awesome you and your products to attract your dream customer

So I can hear you begging now, please for-the-love-of-Petra tell me where I can find these people. Well, friend, I hear you and I’ve put together some handy ideas.

Highlight What Makes You Special

Yeah, I know. This is really frou-frou advice. Of course you are special.

But what this really means is you need to focus on your business, your talents and what it is that makes you unique.

For example, there are plenty of other copywriters that I admire. In fact I research plenty of other writer’s websites (and the work that they’ve done for clients) to get an idea of what works and what I like.

But what I don’t is completely try and replicate their style or language. I know if I do that then the people I attract won’t necessarily be people that I’d love to work with.

Instead, I try to highlight what makes me unique (I’m an ideas fountain + can turn technical ramblings into fresh copy).

So what is it about you and your business that is different from all the other cupcake shops/jewelry makers/designers? Figure it out and then make sure your website and online content highlights that.

Make It Clear What You Offer

Have you ever done that thing where you are out shopping and you wander into a store because it looks interesting. But then you kind of stand there and look around, thinking ‘what do they even sell here’?

Well the same thing can happen with your online presence. You can have the prettiest, sleekest or sexiest website on the internet, but if your customers can’t figure out what you sell (or how to buy) then they’ll be backing out of there as fast as they can and moving on next door.

Make sure that your website and social media profiles spell out exactly what you do, and who you do it for. Once your ideal customer knows they’re in the right place, they’ll happily  hang around to explore every nook and cranny.

Reach Out to Them Where They Hang Out

When I say that you can attract your dream customers, I don’t mean that you can just back and wait for them to roll up to your website. Sorry, but there’s no such thing as a Law of Attraction.

You have to go out and interact with your dream customers. Figure out where they hang out, online and in real life.

But remember it’s not just about waving your (virtual) hands in the air and yelling ‘hey, over this way guys’. You’ve gotta share great information and interact with your customers before you can expect them to buy from you. After all, your dream customers love you and your work, so they want to hear about what inspires you and what goes into creating your products.

And if someone does show interest in your work, make it easy for them to stay in touch with you. Have an email list and send out updates when you create new products, and have a space online where people can follow you and interact with your other fans.

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