What To Do When You’ve Lost Passion For Your Ecommerce Business

Feeling like you've lost passion for business? Does the business that used to get you bouncing out of bed in the morning now feel like a chore? Here are four ideas for you to try to reignite your passion for your biz and make more money. Remember when the ding of PayPal used to give you a buzz? And visiting the post office was soooo freaking exciting because every sale gave you confidence that people wanted your products. But now? Looking at your products waiting to be sold doesn’t make you excited – it just makes you anxious. And packaging up your orders is no longer fun – it’s just another chore you have to do every-damn-day. Look, it’s completely normal to not get excited about everything you do in your business. Frankly [...]

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What I’ve Learned From Six Months in Business

Today marks six months since I officially flung open the doors on my business and started working full time as a small business copywriter. And what a ride it’s been! I’d love to say that it’s all been great, but the reality is that some things haven’t turned out like I thought they would. But, I have figured out a lot of important stuff about my biz and myself in that time, and had some amazing wins (sometimes unexpectedly). This week, I wanted to share with you what I've learned so far in my business. Enjoy! (Nearly) Everything You Do is An Experiment I spent a lot of time in the early stages of my business obsessing over the right way to do things. Like, should I call prospects or email them? Should I list my [...]

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How To Write An ‘About Us’ Page For Your Online Store

When people buy from you, they also want to buy into your story. They want to know who they’re buying from and what your brand stands for. Far too often, however, the 'About Us' page is an afterthought, updated once with details of when your store was founded. A well-written 'About Us' page is so important when it comes to connecting with customers, and when used correctly can actually improve sales. So it's vital that your About Page is a cohesive part of your business branding and marketing message. Here are my top tips for writing an About Us page to  make your customers swoon. A great opener The majority of visitors to your 'About Us' page will read only the first line before deciding whether to click away or read the rest [...]

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