Why You Should Share Your Small Business Story

Last week I met a woman who ran her own painting business in Melbourne. Now you don’t see many female housepainters, so my interest was piqued. Then we got talking and I found out that she had won first place in the painting division of WorldSkills Australia's National Competition – essentially the tradies’ equivalent of the Olympics. They have a national competition for tradies? And you won? Well, I was seriously impressed. For this woman this was probably not that much of a big deal. But as an outsider, it was such a great story and I begged her to tell me all about it. Now of course you may not have won the national competition for whatever business you run (your industry may not even have a national competition). But I’m betting [...]

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3 Must-Read Blogging Tips for Small Business Owners in Melbourne

You’ve heard the phrase ‘content is king’ and are convinced that a blog is going to help attract more clients for your Melbourne business. You’re committed to posting often (yay!) and already have a bunch of topics in mind. But hold up there a darn second. Blogging is more than just letting your thoughts loose on the web. To make this really worth your time it’s important to be smart about it. So before you put fingers to keyboard, follow these blogging tips for small business owners so that you write posts that actually benefit your business. Oh hey, this is the second post in the series on blogging for your small business. You can have a read of the first part here. Subscribe to my email list to never miss a post, plus get weekly updates and super-special content just [...]

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