The Collagen Co creates great-tasting, premium quality collagen products that nourish your body from the inside out and give you a gorgeous glow. These collagen products not only taste great, but they’re also good for you.

Collagen is a more recent arrival to the beauty and health space so it was vital that the copy captured the science-backed benefits of collagen while showcasing a fun, casual brand voice.

What we did

  • Brand tone of voice development

  • Website copy

  • Product descriptions

“We wanted to create a brand voice that captured the fun yet premium nature of our brand. Nell was great to work with – she understood what we were trying to achieve and created copy that showcased the benefits of our products without overcomplicating it with too much science. Nell was also able to use keyword optimisation to give our brand the best opportunity to rank in Google search. Highly recommend Nell for any copywriting services.”


The Collagen Co - Website Copywriting

Website copy

One of the challenges when it comes to supplements or other beauty products is making sure the copy is scientifically-accurate and doesn’t oversell the benefits. We started by breaking down the facts, then crafted a bright and bubbly brand voice that makes you want to look after yourself just that little bit better.

Product descriptions

For The Collagen Co, getting across how good their product tastes was a top priority. After all, no one’s going to want to take anything day-after-day if it tastes awful, no matter how good it is for your (I’m looking at you, fish oil…).

Luckily, The Collagen Co tastes delicious. So all that was required was some flavourful product descriptions that sounded as good as it tasted.

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