Base Supply Co offers functional, practical and stylish bags for the everyday. As a new brand launching into a crowded niche, we knew Base would need a distinct tone of voice to stand out from the rest and appeal to an online savvy audience of busy mums.

We worked with the client to identify what the brand stood for and how that could come across in words. The result is no-fuss, straight-to-the-point copy that isn’t afraid to have a little fun.

What we did

  • Brand tone of voice development

  • Keyword research

  • Website copy

  • Product descriptions

  • Email automation

“Nell’s ability to connect with my idea in our first meeting was incredible and her passion made me feel confident that this was the right fit. My brand voice came to life and I now have some kick-arse copy on my website optimised for SEO.”


website copywriting base supply

Website copy

Belinda wanted to use a pre-built template from First Flight Studio (a great way to get good-looking design at a lower price). We made sure that the copy would work with her chosen theme with minimal tweaks.

Because we wanted the website copy to be short and sharp, what is there had to instantly get across the important messages. We wrote, slashed and stripped back the copy to the essentials.

product description copywriting

Product descriptions

In the absence of being able to pick up a product and hold it in your hands, product descriptions are the key way you convey exactly what your customers can expect when they order from you.

So how do you make something totally functional a covetable product? Start with the basics then load up your copy with benefits. And a few 90s pop culture references thrown in for good measure.

Email automation

If you’re a new brand with a non-existent email list, you may not understand why you should worry about your emails until you start growing.

But setting yourself up from the start means you can take advantage of every new email that lands on your list.

We made sure that Base Supply Co had automated emails that are going to continue working hard (and bringing in sales) as the brand grows.

Create a brand that speaks to your customers