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Keyword Research Service

Have an edge over the competition and get more of the right people on your website

You’ve read all the articles that tell you how important keywords are for people to find you online. You know you want to shoot for that coveted #1 position in Google.

But how the heck do you figure out which keywords you should actually be using on your website? And where do you put them for the best results?

There’s so much to consider, from search volume to difficulty and competitiveness. And all you really want to know is what keywords your people are typing into the search bar to find your website.

Let us take the hassle out of doing this so you can leave yourself free to concentrate on running your business.

Why is keyword research important?

Google is an amazingly powerful search engine that’s gotten pretty good at connecting people looking for info with the right websites. And one of the main ways it does this is by crawling website pages and looking at the words being used on those pages. When those words match the words people type into search, ol’ Google is going to show that page at the top of the search results.

Keyword research is all about figuring out the specific terms people use when they’re searching online then applying those terms to the pages on your website. By matching the keywords people use with the products you sell, you’re more likely to appear at the top of the search results.

Keyword research also gives you insight into the factors that are most important to your potential customers. For example, do more people search for “cheap”, “eco-friendly” or “Australian made”? Knowing that can help you decide which features you highlight on your product pages.

keyword research and strategy

Let us take ‘keyword research’ off your to-do list

Our keyword strategy service doesn’t just involve looking at the most searched for keywords. Instead, we dive deep into the data to find relevant keywords that you’re likely to rank for. We’ll consider the intent behind each keyword to target visitors at each stage of the funnel. And we’ll find the keywords most likely to lead to sales.

We start by brainstorming a long list of potential keyword phrases, then narrow that down to find a final set of target keywords that will give you the right mix of targeted traffic.

As part of the analysis, we look at:

  • Who your audience is. We consider who your target audience is and where they are in the buyer funnel to understand the type of keywords they use to find the products you offer.

  • Competitor analysis. By looking at the keywords your top competitors are ranking for we can gain insight into how to rank higher than them in the search results.

  • Search volume. Ranking for a phrase with 2,000 monthly searches is likely to be far more beneficial than ranking for a similar term with 200 searches.

  • Long tail search terms. These are the longer phrases someone types in to find really specific search results. While these have a lower volume, they can be highly valuable when it comes to getting targeted (and motivated) traffic to your website).

  • Relevance. The term ‘cheap jewellery’ might have a lot of search volume, but if you’re selling one-off, bespoke pieces then ranking for that keyword isn’t going to bring you the right type of customers to your site.

What’s included in the keyword research service?

  • Info on what keywords your website currently ranks for

  • Info on the keywords your top competitors rank for

  • Spreadsheet data showing  relevant primary and secondary keywords, their average monthly search volumes and a keyword competitiveness score.

  • A summary report of 10-20 of the most promising keywords mapped to the relevant pages of your website

  • A list of keyword phrases for use as blog posts

  • Guidance on exactly how to use keywords on various pages of your website

  • A video walkthrough with tips to improve your website

  • Email support if you have any questions after receiving your report to clear up anything you’re not sure of

“Getting my SEO reviewed by Fete Creative has really helped boost my presence on Google. I’ve seen such a positive shift in the number of visitors to my website and those visitors are staying on my website longer as well. So, it’s not just more visitors, but quality visitors.

Nell also provided me with a number of blog post title suggestions to further enhance my visibility. I highly recommend getting Fete to improve your SEO (and your website copy).”


Keyword research starts at $597 +GST

Just a few steps to get ‘keyword research’ off your to-do list

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If you have a website and you need to figure out what the heck keywords to use and where then this is for you.

We’ve invested in advanced keyword research tools that allow us to get more data about the keywords people use to search, as well as what your competitors are ranking for. Then we apply deep analysis to understand which are the most relevant keywords for your business.

Search engine optimisation is just the process of getting your website visible in the search results. It’s the steps you do to improve your site and increase your leads, and conversions.

SEO involves many things, from keywords to technical SEO and backlinks. All these elements come together to improve your site quality and visibility.

While keyword research important for your search engine optimisation (SEO), it’s just one part of the bigger picture. You’ll have a better understanding of which keywords to use on your website and how to use them effectively. You’ll also get some ideas on content like blogs and guides you can write which will also help to enhance your SEO.

But, this isn’t an ongoing SEO service and we won’t be tackling any of the technical stuff like site structure and backlinks. If you want some guidance on what you can do after your keyword strategy is done, I can provide some recommendations for DIY courses and service providers to help you out.

This isn’t a site audit.

We use a mix of free and paid tools to identify and analyse keywords your target customers are using including SemRush, Keywords Everywhere, UberSuggest and Answer The Public.