3 Must-Read Blogging Tips for Small Business Owners in Melbourne

You’ve heard the phrase ‘content is king’ and are convinced that a blog is going to help attract more clients for your Melbourne business. You’re committed to posting often (yay!) and already have a bunch of topics in mind. But hold up there a darn second. Blogging is more than just letting your thoughts loose on the web. To make this really worth your time it’s important to be smart about it. So before you put fingers to keyboard, follow these blogging tips for small business owners so that you write posts that actually benefit your business. Oh hey, this is the second post in the series on blogging for your small business. You can have a read of the first part here. Subscribe to my email list to never miss a post, plus get weekly updates and super-special content just [...]

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That Time I Drove 80 Minutes for Chocolate (And What It Means for Your Local Business)

Last year I decided to quit sugar. Once I got over the initial withdrawals, it was a largely positive experience. I happily swapped muffins and cakes for almonds and kale chips and for the most part I found I didn’t really miss many sugary foods I’d previously loved. Except for chocolate. I know, I know. It’s such a cliché. But I love chocolate. Like you know when you go to those Melbourne ice cream places and get all excited over the exotic flavours (like sesame seed, or papaya). Yeah, well not me. I always go for the chocolate flavours. Always. Same with eating out at a restaurant. Seriously, it’s a running joke in my family, “Oh I wonder what dessert Nell will choose. Maybe the lemon soufflé? No, she’ll go for the strawberry crepes. [...]

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3 Ways to Attract Your Dream Customers

Finding your dream customers is awesome. They’re the people that you love selling to because they are interested in your process, they don’t try to haggle or nit-pick over details, and they tell everyone you know how awesome you and your products are. So I can hear you begging now, please for-the-love-of-Petra tell me where I can find these people. Well, friend, I hear you and I’ve put together some handy ideas. Highlight What Makes You Special Yeah, I know. This is really frou-frou advice. Of course you are special. But what this really means is you need to focus on your business, your talents and what it is that makes you unique. For example, there are plenty of other copywriters that I admire. In fact I research plenty of other writer’s websites [...]

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How Focusing on One Customer Can Save You Time + Help You Sell More

Can focusing on one customer really make it easier to create content + increase your sales? Well sure it can. In fact, you’ll probably become more inspired to blog and update your social media than ever.  Not sure how? Read on. How One Ideal Customer Makes Creating Content Easier Say you’re a small business owner selling vegan cupcakes at markets and fairs. You’ve been building your business for a while now and are starting to get some sales, but not as many as you want. You decide to overhaul your web copy and do a bit of an online content push to grow some sales and build up a bit of buzz. The problem? It’s so hard trying to come up with content that will appeal to all these customers that you are trying [...]

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