Instagram Stories: What It Is And How To Make It Work For Your Brand

By now you’ve probably seen that Instagram has released a new feature called “Instagram stories”. Basically designed to directly rip off Snapchat (the Instagram CEO has admitted as much) stories let you post short videos and images to Instagram, where they live for only 24 hours. A bunch of brands have already dipped their toes into the proverbial water and have been creating their own stories. But lots of you are asking the question: does this matter for my brand? And how the heck do I make it work? First up, let me say that I think this update is going to be great for brands that are already focusing on Instagram. After all, Instagram has 300 million daily users, versus Snapchat’s 100 million daily users. And your stories instantly get seen by your current [...]

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How to Come Up With an Instagram Strategy That Works For Your Biz

I thought about titling this post “when bad Instagram feeds happen to good businesses” but I didn’t think that’d make for such a positive post. See, I spend a bunch of time scrolling through Instagram (admittedly, way more time than I probably should) and I often come across what seem like great brands with cool products. But their Instagram feeds don’t convey that awesomeness. And that makes me sad. Instagram can be a really great way for small businesses to connect with their people. But if your feed is a mish-mash of photos and styles, then visitors to your page won’t even get a chance to figure out what you do. While a lot of posts talk about the importance of good images on Instagram (which is super important BTW), today I want [...]

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