Why a Unique Tone of Voice Matters for Your Brand

When you’re updating your Instagram, emailing your customers or writing product descriptions for your new range, are you thinking as much about how you’re speaking as you are about what you say? See, every brand has a voice. Each time you communicate you’re using your brand’s voice. The problem is if you haven’t really thought about your brand voice – and aren’t being consistent – then there’s a chance your brand is coming across a bit wishy-washy. After all, if someone you met sound different each time you talked to them, you’d probably start questioning their sanity. Your brand’s voice is a combination of your brand’s personality, values and how your customers interact with you. (Notice I didn’t say your voice. That’s because even if you’re a solo-biz-owner, how your brand sounds is [...]

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More Than A Stationery Brand: MiGOALS Case Study

What is MiGOALS? MiGOALS is a Melbourne-based lifestyle brand that designs diaries and notebooks for dream chasers and action takers. The brand started when founder Adam needed a diary to keep track of his goals, budget and daily appointments. From their first diary in 2010, tens of thousands of people have used MiGOALS products to dream, plan and get shit done. My involvement with MiGOALS I came across the MiGOALS brand in January 2014 when I picked up one of their diaries. Intrigued, I jumped onto their website to find out more about the brand and… was kind of disappointed. I expected to find more information about the brand and why they started, and maybe some helpful articles about goal setting. But there wasn't much there. So I did what any writer would [...]

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