How to Grow a Community of Raving Fans

Customers going out of their way to buy your product? Tick. Your next product launch sells out? Even when you cost more than your competitors? Tick. Customers sharing photos of your products across Instagram, Facebook and their blogs – for zilch? Double tick. It’s not some crazy voodoo magic. And it won't cost you a motza in advertising. Want to know how to create a brand tribe? Just click the video below. Can't see the video? Click here to watch on YouTube. Let's Break It Down What's the difference between a fan and a regular customer? Your fans love your business not just because of what you sell, but also because of what you're about and how they connect with that. There's three steps to create a brand tribe for your business: 1. [...]

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Starting An Online Store? Here’s The First Thing You Should Do

Your online store is more than just a website – it's your shopfront, customer service and community all rolled into one. With so much going on, it's essential you get on top of the content you need and the flow between pages, otherwise your online store could be as helpful as a road map from the '90s. To make sure you've got everything you need on your online store, you first want to start with the big picture by planning your online store's layout. The purpose of this online store layout is to help you plan: What pages you need How visitors will go from your home page to checking out And where you'll include your shipping terms and other info This is the first thing I do when working on copy for [...]

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How Focusing on One Customer Can Save You Time + Help You Sell More

Can focusing on one customer really make it easier to create content + increase your sales? Well sure it can. In fact, you’ll probably become more inspired to blog and update your social media than ever.  Not sure how? Read on. How One Ideal Customer Makes Creating Content Easier Say you’re a small business owner selling vegan cupcakes at markets and fairs. You’ve been building your business for a while now and are starting to get some sales, but not as many as you want. You decide to overhaul your web copy and do a bit of an online content push to grow some sales and build up a bit of buzz. The problem? It’s so hard trying to come up with content that will appeal to all these customers that you are trying [...]

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