Why Your Ecommerce Store Needs a Blog

Blogging is great for SEO. Blogging helps you find new customers. Blogging is the best thing, EVAH! Okay, so by now I’m sure you’ve seen the books, read the articles and heard just about every content marketer with a Twitter account bang on about blogging. While there are a lot of posts that talk about how blogging can help service-based businesses – through being seen as an expert and generating goodwill for your services - there is far less information on how blogging for ecommerce stores can help. I mean, when the aim of the business is to sell your products, why bother trying to build up a blog? Well my friend, there are quite a few ways that blogging can help your ecommerce business grow. And because so few businesses are making the most [...]

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Why You Should Share Your Small Business Story

Last week I met a woman who ran her own painting business in Melbourne. Now you don’t see many female housepainters, so my interest was piqued. Then we got talking and I found out that she had won first place in the painting division of WorldSkills Australia's National Competition – essentially the tradies’ equivalent of the Olympics. They have a national competition for tradies? And you won? Well, I was seriously impressed. For this woman this was probably not that much of a big deal. But as an outsider, it was such a great story and I begged her to tell me all about it. Now of course you may not have won the national competition for whatever business you run (your industry may not even have a national competition). But I’m betting [...]

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How a Blog Can Help You Grow Your Melbourne Business

You’ve spent a bit of time online researching how to market your business. And every marketer (and their dog) is saying that you should start a blog to grow your business. But your business relies on local customers. Do those people really care about what you write online? Can a blog really help your local business in Melbourne? Well my short answer is yes. The long answer is also yes (but only if you do it right). Want to know more? Read on. The Benefits of Blogging for Local Businesses One of the benefits to having a blog is increased presence on search engines such as Google. Remember how I said in this post how important having a website is for local search traffic. Well Google loves websites that are updated regularly. And [...]

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