Graphic with the text 'Hot Fix Sessions' and below a picture of a hot glue gun and refills

Do you want to learn how to approach your own copywriting by seeing something come to life in front of your eyes?⁠

Join me for the first Hot Fix Session on Tuesday 12 April at 11am AEST.

Hot Fix Sessions are 90-minute live working intensives where I tackle a REAL project and tell you what I’m doing as I’m doing it.⁠

I’ll write/edit a single piece of copy (product description, email campaign, web page) while describing my approach/answering your questions in real time.⁠

💥 Will you discover insights, tips and strategies you can apply directly to your own writing?⁠


💥 Will it be the writing equivalent of juggling knives while balancing on a teeterboard?⁠

Also likely yes.⁠

⁠Get premium seats to all the action [with a replay available if you can’t make it]⁠

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