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Your brand is more than just a beautiful logo and stunning website. To really stand out you, you need sparkling copy that connects with your customers and outshines your competitors.

Based in Geelong, we help your business stand out with a bold, unique and engaging brand voice. Along with product descriptions, SEO copywriting, emails and marketing content that’ll turn curious visitors into lifelong customers.

Copy that sells (without being salesy)

You know that in-your-face copy that’s all bold text, capital letters and cheesy cliches?

Yeah, that’s not us.

We’re about creating copy infused with storytelling and personality. You know, that kind of copy that feels more like a friend writing to you than a desperate sales grab.

The copy we write doesn’t just sound good (but it will). Our process involves getting all up in your business to zero in your brand’s values, key messages and what you want to stand for to create copy that connects with your audience and drives results.

Plus we optimise it with well-researched keywords so it’s pleasing to the Google-gods.

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Here’s how it works

You’re a local business owner who needs help finding the words to talk about what you do.

We’re a local copywriting and content agency who loves discovering the inspiration that drives someone to create.

We’ll be a team from start to finish, working together to devise copy that helps you reach your business goals. And because we’re based in Geelong, we’ll work with you through every step of your copywriting project, from the beginning stages to the launch and beyond.

Meet Nell

Fete Creative is led by Nell, a copywriter and content strategist who relishes the opportunity to help cool brands create a personality-packed presence online.

Nell is a natural problem solver who loves to go beyond the page, helping her clients navigate the ins and outs of growing their business, whether that’s in Geelong or beyond.

Fete Creative ecommerce copywriter

Nell wrote the copy for my entire website and I absolutely love it, especially the product descriptions. The way she structures and manages her workflow is fantastic – easy to use and follow and extremely efficient. Nell finalised things with a wrap-up email with loads of suggestions on how to further engage with my customers based on her research.

She has gone beyond what I expected from a copywriter and I have been more than happy recommending her to my friends.”

Kimmy Luong, Love You More Bridal

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