Selling Holes: Why You Need to Focus on Benefits, Not Features

I hate to say it, but your customers don’t really care about your products. Sounds harsh, right? Like you put all this work into your creations, and to be told no one really cares about it. Um, what? (Okay, seriously don’t close your browser now. I’m getting to the point) The thing is, your customers don’t care about your product. They care about what your product can do for them. There’s an old marketing saying that goes: “People don’t want to buy a ¼ inch drill. They want to buy a ¼ inch hole.” Or let’s think of something a little more creative. People don’t want to buy a necklace. They want to buy something that’s going to make their outfit unique. People don’t want to buy photos of their wedding. They want [...]

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How To Write An ‘About Us’ Page For Your Online Store

When people buy from you, they also want to buy into your story. They want to know who they’re buying from and what your brand stands for. Far too often, however, the 'About Us' page is an afterthought, updated once with details of when your store was founded. A well-written 'About Us' page is so important when it comes to connecting with customers, and when used correctly can actually improve sales. So it's vital that your About Page is a cohesive part of your business branding and marketing message. Here are my top tips for writing an About Us page to  make your customers swoon. A great opener The majority of visitors to your 'About Us' page will read only the first line before deciding whether to click away or read the rest [...]

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