Brand copywriter Melbourne

Want to know the secret to make people remember you?

It’s not by having the most followers. Or a colour-coordinated Instagram feed. Or super-cute packaging.

No, it’s by creating a brand worth remembering.

One that makes people feel something and feel like part of something.

By powering up your brand’s personality and speaking your customer’s language you’ll stay top-of-mind. Even without a celebrity endorsement.

Ok, so it’s not much of a secret, really.

And it doesn’t take much to get started.

brand personality

Here’s how you
power up your
brand’s personality:

(And no, it doesn’t just mean dropping a bunch of emojis into your copy.)

As a brand copywriter, we’ll get all up in your business to zero in your brand’s values, key messages and what you want to stand for.

Then we do a bunch of research on your customers and competitors (got to know what’s out there) before coming up with a unique voice that’s oozing in personality.

After all that we shake it all up and bake that goodness into a brand guide that’ll help you (or whoever) write consistent copy for all your brand’s marketing.

“At first we weren’t sure whether Nell would totally understand what we were trying to achieve with our brand. But she’s shown that she totally gets our vision and has proven herself incredibly capable around creating the content we need.

Nell’s passionate about what we do and gets shit done. Hire her!”

Adam Jelic, MiGOALS

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We power up your brand’s personality

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